Agustina Bluthgen  /   08/31/2022

10 Steps Towards A Sustainable Home

We all know that protecting the planet starts at home. But it can be confusing knowing what to do or where to start. Sometimes, small actions can seem like they don’t matter as much as significant changes. But everything counts! Especially if we all commit to doing it. A sustainable home is achievable in just a few simple steps, big and small.

The very first step is to not overthink sustainability. You don’t have to restructure your way of living to put these actions into practice. We’re here to guide you by giving you some simple solutions you can try at home, starting today! To work towards creating your own sustainable home, pick the suggestions that look the easiest for you. Once you’re comfortable with those, branch out to more and more.

1. Drive less

Try to walk or ride a bike more for short distances. This will help both the planet’s and your health!

2. Shop smart

Bring your reusable bag when doing your groceries. A sustainable home shops small, not only smart! Find local farmers and mom-and-pop shops that source locally.

3. Be careful with cleaning supplies

Don’t send toxic chemicals into your waterways. Always try to get nontoxic or organic ones. Even better, make them yourself!

4. Choose sustainable food

When possible, of course. Look for organic and farm-raised animals. Local is always better! Look for produce that is in season and from your local farmers.

5. Never forget about the 3 Rs

They will never be out of style: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Sustainability at home starts with the three of them. Reduce your waste and know what you can repurpose.

6. Conserve water

The less water you use, the better! Reduce your time in the shower, try to clean your clothes at once, and be careful while washing the dishes. Let the elements take care of your plants as much as you can, but water consciously.

7. Use long-lasting light bulbs

They’re energy-efficient and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You will also be saving money! And remember to turn off the lights every time you leave the room.

8. Put into action your gardening skills

Maybe planting a tree is too much. But start with some plants or vegetable garden at home. Plants help save energy and clean the air. While gardening, you will also relieve some stress!

9. Volunteer

You can get involved in your community for cleanups and local activities for nature preservation. This will help you learn more about sustainability, and you will also be helping the planet!

10. Educate and promote sustainability

You don’t have to master sustainability at once to help others understand the importance and value of natural resources. While learning, you can teach others at the same time!


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