Agustina Bluthgen  /   12/29/2021

12 Easy Steps To Introduce Sustainable Living To The New Year

Every year we become more aware of the importance of sustainability. But sustainable living is no easy task. In our modern and fast developing society, we are tempted all the time by consumerism. But sometimes you feel the need to have a greener and eco-friendly life. If you want to start a journey to zero waste, but aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help!

A new year is a great moment for you to take this green step. It is not going to be easy, so we’ve set up 12 easy goals to help you get there, one for each month. You can choose the order as you like and try to focus on that goal for that month. 

1. Reduce your meat intake and eat more local whole foods

You may have heard about the benefits of a vegetarian diet, as it reduces carbon footprint. Also, that eating locally has a significant impact on reducing emissions and packaging. You don’t need to change your diet completely. You have to make little changes that will make a big impact. During this month, commit yourself to eating less meat and more vegetables, fruits, nuts, and legumes. Visit local markets and choose unprocessed food with less packaging.

2. Make your reusables shine

For this goal, carry with you reusable containers. Aim to make this an automatic habit, like grabbing your keys or your purse. Taking with you a shopping bag, coffee cup and water bottle will help you switch to sustainable living.

3. Reduce paper towel usage

A transition to a paper towel-less lifestyle might be difficult. But you can set a goal to use smaller sheets of paper towels, or look for replacements when possible. Look for lids for your leftovers. Switch to cloth napkins this month and see how it goes.

4. Say no to disposable straws

The goal this month will be to ask for your drink without a straw. It’s not that hard, we promise. You have some other ideas for Waste Free Drinks on the Go, in case you feel you can take this goal to the next level!

5. Hang your laundry to dry

You can’t imagine how much electricity is spent drying your clothes. Drying them outside will also help you save money! Try to schedule this goal for a warm month so it’s easier.

6. Use eco-friendly cleaning products

To improve your sustainable living, try buying eco-friendly cleaning supplies. There are plenty of options and popular demand has made them more affordable. You can even make them yourself!

7. Plant or grow something (if you already do, try something new!)

There are some great options for you to begin or upscale your gardening. It can be outside or inside your house. You will not only help with the environment but also with your health and well-being.

8. Organize and select items in your home to recycle or donate

Cleaning and organizing your home is an excellent practice. If you find items to throw away, try to think about a new purpose to give them or where to take them to donate!

9. Plan an activity with your community

For sustainable living, it is not only important to take care of the environment but also to look after our community. The people we share the planet with are as important as the planet itself. This month, you can think about a project you can join or volunteer in within your neighborhood. 

A community garden, a little library, a community center. If you don’t feel like compromising yourself with a group, you can think about actions you can make daily in your neighborhood. These can be picking up trash while you walk or cooking for the homeless.

10. Get rid of plastics

Plastic is everywhere. Moving to a plastic-free life is a great sustainable living practice that will also help you save money. While shopping, choose products without plastic. Bring your reusable water bottle and reusable bags. You can even buy reusable cutlery for your picnics! Have you heard of Plastic Free July?

11. Get into nature

Choose a month during Spring or Summer for this goal and go out to explore! You can visit parks, botanical gardens, and the woods. Get to know your city and surroundings. Plan a short trip to somewhere nearby. Get fresh air, sunlight and feel the grass under your feet. Try to go out every day and be aware of the nature around you.

12. Try a Zero Waste Challenge

Cutting back on waste is not easy. Reduce your trash and recycle as much as possible. If a zero waste challenge is not possible, consider a low waste option. Whatever fits best for your lifestyle.

Tackling sustainable living is all about finding simple solutions that cater to your needs. Follow these suggestions and find the green alternatives that best suit your lifestyle!

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