Marija Miljkovic  /   12/19/2022

37.2 Acres Of Land Near Lake Ontario in Cayuga County, NY

Many of us dream of a house near a lake. Being near a river, sea, or lake is aspirational for most. We live in the age of technology, enclosed in apartments and offices, surrounded by buildings and concrete, and under constant noise and stress. Can you imagine finding land near lake Ontario for sale?

As famous American anthropologist, Loren Eiseley said: “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” So, allow yourself to be touched by the magic and let that fresh air from the lake flow through your lungs and take you away from the crowded city life.

Today, we share our new Property of the Week with you! This property might be the one you begin to live magically on. Located on Marsh Rd, on the shores of Lake Ontario, 37.2 acres in Sterling, New York is our recommendation of the week. Be sure to tune in to the Community Chronicle weekly for our new property feature.


This property is conveniently zoned Agricultural/Residential. This zoning type means that you can build your home and use this property for numerous agricultural activities. Ever dreamt of running your own homestead? You can use this land for farming and raising livestock!

The livestock raising includes cattle, sheep, horses, goats, and other domestic animals. Also, two more accessory uses are allowed by right. Those are landscaping and an outdoor wood boiler. An outdoor wood heating system with firewood can be very enjoyable and can eliminate your monthly heating bill. Just picture it, sitting by your very own land near lake Ontario, taking in a warm summer bonfire.

With special permission, you can have your greenhouse, nursery, and farm stand! You can also start a riding school and have stables on this property. 

Additionally, this lot can bring you profit! If you have always wanted to have your pet clinic, dog shelter (kennel), or even a pet hospital, with a special permit from the Planning Board, this is the perfect place to start.

Lastly, the Residential zoning for this property allows for single-family homes. Single-family homes are permitted with special conditions. These special conditions must be met for farming and maintaining the rural character of the community. The district is intended to accommodate the continued use of existing farms while allowing for low-density residential development. 

Furthermore, this lot is large enough to accommodate an on-site septic system for wastewater disposal. One will be required under special conditions. Despite parts of this property being on wetlands, it still has enough completely dry areas for all your needs. Don’t let wetlands scare you! We have all the tools you need to understand what they are and how to build on wetlands.

The Location

This lot is conveniently located at just a five-minute walk from lake Ontario! Here you can relax without the noise of traffic and still be only 15 minutes from Oswego and 7 minutes from the Ontario Orchards.

Not only is the location ideal for a relaxing home, this private area is also also a fishing paradise. The fishing begins after the ice melts off the rivers and bays of Lake Ontario. April, May, and June are prime brown trout times. Imagine catching brown trout ranging in size from 8 to 20 pounds. The state record is over 32 pounds! 

Acrobatic steelhead and Coho salmon, and occasional Chinook (king) salmon can also be found this time of year. All of this on your own piece of land near lake Ontario!


Without a doubt, this property features lots of attractions. Within a 30-minute drive, you can find the Fair Haven Beach State Park, the Renaissance Festival, and the Stone Creek Golf Club! Nearby schools include Kenney Middle School, Fairley School, and Hannibal High School.

Fair Haven Beach State Park is a lakefront park offering 1,500 feet of sandy beach. It also features wooded camping areas, trails, and an 18-hole golf course. When it comes to accessibility, there are wheelchair-accessible entrances and wheelchair-accessible parking lots. 

Also, you can bring your pets and kids for a day of activities! The park is dog-friendly and has various activities for children. A lot of picnic tables, a public restroom, slides, and swings. Fair Haven Beach State Park is one of the best campaign locations if you are a tent camper. Beautiful sunsets and fun, short hiking trails are just a 13-minute drive from this property.

If you never visited renaissance fairs, you definitely must check out the Renaissance Festival, just a 10-minute drive from this property. Additionally, there are lots of activities for adults and children to keep you busy the entire day. Jousting is one of the main attractions! 

Our advice is to get to the arena 15 minutes early to get the spot. If you don’t know what jousting is, it’s a medieval tournament that saw knights compete against each other on horseback. Think Game of Thrones live!

Finally, the Sterling Nature Center is located on the shores of Lake Ontario, just a 7-minute drive from this incredible property. If you enjoy forest trails, lakeside walks, swimming, and exploring, this is one of those places where you can spend hours just wandering and never see the same place twice!

All this can be yours!

Leave the part covered in trees, and make the part you can turn into a large field of grain, have a section with domestic animals, and pick a perfect place for your house on this property. All in one place on an incredible 37 acres of land near lake Ontario.

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