Agustina Bluthgen  /   06/29/2022

4 Sustainable Work From Home Practices

Working from home is now the standard for many. We got used to remote work and all the benefits we can get from it. As we are committing to new remote realities, it is time we consider sustainable work from home practices.

Remote work by itself is more sustainable than working at an office. We don’t have to commute, so our carbon footprint is smaller. And big offices with all their energy, waste and other consumptions are not used as much anymore. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the impact on the environment has been completely reduced. It has been dispersed to thousands of individual homes. And we are the ones in charge of making sure that our homes are run efficiently.

There are a lot of good practices to put in place at home to help with the health of the planet. The most important thing is that we are aware of our impact and try to reduce it as much as possible. Here are our 4 best sustainable work from home practices.

1. Pay attention to your energy sources and consumption

We all have to set our minds toward saving energy. Don’t leave lights turned on in rooms you are not using. Turn off the air conditioner every time you leave the room. Put your computer to sleep every day after you finish your work. Try to use as much daylight as possible. There are a lot of small practices to start at home to cut your energy use. You can also switch to more eco-friendly appliances.

To help with sustainability while working from home, consider unplugging electronic devices that aren’t in use. They use energy when they are plugged in, even if you’re not actively using them.

Did you know that reducing the brightness on your computer monitor can save up to 20% of the monitor’s energy? You can also adjust your thermostat 2 degrees up in the summer and 2 down in the winter. This can make you save thousands of carbon dioxide per year!

If you want to take a step forward you can also think about green energy sources for your home, such as solar power. Some cities have incentives for this.

2. Use eco-friendly supplies

To add to your sustainable work from home practices, consider using products that are either waste-free or biodegradable.

A good place to start is not forgetting the “less paper printing” practice that has been popular for years now. Additionally, you can consider using paperless notebooks for your work. And always work with online documents.

There are a lot of office products that are made of recycled materials and are a more sustainable choice, like biodegradable pens or bamboo products.

3. Cut down on waste

Another way to change your sustainable work from home practices is waste management. This includes not only general waste from the things we consume but also our office supplies. Try to repair things that can be fixed instead of replacing them.

4. Think about sustainable foods

Take advantage of the fact that you now spend more time at home and in your neighborhood to get to know local suppliers. Search about seasonal markets near you and try to shop there. Even better if you take your bags and walk or take your bike!

There are a lot of practices to help our planet and contribute to sustainability. Ways of living have always changed and are now entering a new cycle. We always have to remember to be adaptable. Of course, we can’t forget sustainable practices as we bring upon change.

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