Agustina Bluthgen  /   04/20/2022

4 Things To Consider Before Buying Land

Finding your ideal land is a big challenge! To check off all the boxes on your list of must-haves seems unachievable. But we will help you find the best option. There are some factors for you to take into consideration before buying land.

Some of these elements may seem intimidating and you may feel that there is a lot to decide. Don’t worry! We will guide you during the process. It is important to ensure that the land is right for your needs and budget. Remember that buying a property requires dedication and attention. It is an important decision that involves a great investment.

Here are the main questions you should be asking yourself when buying land.

1. Location of the land

This big decision cannot be undermined. This is one of the most important things to consider before buying land. Location is very important as it determines the cost of the land and profitability. It is also related to its potential growth. What services are there nearby? Transportation? What about the neighborhood and access to services?

But it is also important for you to determine what is more important to you in a location. What matters to you the most? What are you willing to invest more in? Is it accessibility? The landscape? The shops? Nearby schools? 

There are many questions you should ask yourself. You can make a list and then focus on what is most important to you, and how much are you willing to invest in each of them.

2. Zoning, permits, and restrictions

Some of the things to consider before buying land are zoning, permits, and restrictions. What is permitted or prohibited between the limits?

Permits are one of the most important things you will have to consider if you have a project for your land. Are you planning to build your home? Or maybe develop a business? Are you considering farming? Are you planning to build sheds or detached garages?

There are several types of zoning and different permits. Requirements vary between jurisdictions, the same as restrictions. You must check with the local building department to know what is needed in the area. This will not only determine the type of construction you are allowed to build. It will also guide you with the size and some other specifications of what you want to build.

3. Characteristics of the land: size, shape, and terrain

Based on what you are planning to build, you should be careful with the type of ground of the property. Also, size matters, right? How much land are you interested in? Additionally, the characteristics of the surface?

4. Soil quality

If you are thinking about what things to consider before buying land, you can’t forget about soil quality. The soil is the backbone of any estate. It will determine how you will use the land. What are you planning to do with the land? Is the soil adequate for that purpose? Don’t underestimate this factor as it is something very difficult to change once you buy the land!

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