Teodora Klechkaroska  /   12/12/2022

9.67 Acres Perfect For All Nature Lovers In Ulster, New York!

Buy land, they aren’t making any more of it! This is your chance to explore rural living and relax. Luckily, we are here for you and offer you the option to go to the countryside and enjoy nature. Nested in the mountainous areas of Ulster County in Ellenville, New York, 9.67 acres of vacant land is perfect for all nature lovers looking for their dream home. 

This property has it all: trees, a creek, and sunbeams. It is on a concave, gently rolling terrain, where you can build your dream home. This lot is the ideal getaway from the hot summer days and snowy winter.


Rural zoning means that the municipality is protecting the environment, and allows for developments as long as nature is conserved. The large portions of open space are crucial in maintaining the character of the area.

Additionally, you can use this land not only for housing, but also for agriculture, hunting, or horse boarding and riding academies. For nature lovers looking to preserve their surroundings and build their new home, this is the perfect property. Nothing’s better than being surrounded by natural, beautiful scenery only nature can offer!

The lot can also bring you profit while relaxing and enjoying a warm tea by the fireplace. A bed and breakfast establishment, agri-tourism, campgrounds, or farm-produce stands are ideal business opportunities to monetize this lot. 

The Location

Do you ever get tired of the traffic and the bustle and just want to escape? This scenic town at the base of the Catskill Mountains is where hopes and dreams meet. The lot is covered in trees and has a creek running in the middle. Imagine having this water source in your yard! 

The area abounds with picturesque views, perfect for hiking and chasing sunsets. Irish Cape Rd provides a short 5-minute drive to the center of Ellenville and Napanoch. Additionally, you can find many lakes, reservoirs, and forests. Let nature be your gym, and climb that slope in just one breath. Without a doubt, the area is no mystery to nature lovers, being a prime location for hiking and exploring.


One and half-hour drive from New York, Ellenville is known for hang gliding. The town is considered one of the best sites for training east of the Mississippi. Minnewaska State Park Preserve features breathtaking trails, multiple waterfalls, hardwood forests, and lakes. It is a perfect escape into nature! 

Why build on a sloped land?

Sloped land gives unique architectural possibilities: Walkout basements add extra room without needing to enlarge the footprint of the property. You can transform hillsides into a beautiful design feature! Also, You can use this benefit for extra bedroom space or a garage.

Building on a slope is cheaper: A sloped lot normally requires less excavation than a flat site. The savings will help offset the costs associated with drainage and foundation difficulties.

Lots of natural light through the panoramic windows: Let the light in and install floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize the natural light. Use the sun to warm up your house! Of course, you can save money in the long run with electricity and bring nature inside.

Don’t forget to enjoy the spectacular views: A home with a view is everyone’s dream. A home on a sloped site allows you to enjoy spectacular sunsets, a full moon, and brilliant stars on a clear night or unimpeded views of the surrounding scenery of the snow-capped mountains. 

Less Landscaping: You can leave manicured lawns and let nature take its course. On a sloped land, there is plenty of natural beauty you can find without making any compromises.

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