Agustina Bluthgen  /   08/11/2021

All You Need To Know and Do While Planning Your Bike Trip

If you are planning your first bike trip and don’t know where to start, don’t panic! This basic guide will help you organize your tour without forgetting anything. Be prepared to have days of exercise and fun! Planning your bike trip can seem daunting at first since it’s all up to you. We guarantee that it’s not, it just takes some extra consideration.

First, you will have to select your destination. This mainly depends on where you are currently based or how far from home you are willing to travel. Your destination also depends on the purpose of your trip. You have to consider the different means of transportation to your destination. You might need to first travel to your destination to then start your bike tour. Traveling by planes, trains, ferries, and buses isn’t always the easiest when transporting a bike. It’s also important to consider the time and money that you will spend on each of them. 

Traveling by bike is not as complicated as you may think. The most challenging part is trying to sort out logistics when making your way to the airport, railway station, or port.  If you take the bike by plane, you will need a bike box or bike bag to pack it beforehand. You can take your bike to a bicycle shop and ask them to wrap it up for you. If you are planning to take your bike on a train or ferry, there is no certain packaging method necessary. Trains usually have bike compartments, and ships allow you to bring your bike to the car area. If you are using the bus, it depends on the company and the distance. Be sure to research all restrictions before traveling.

When considering the purpose of your bike trip, you will have to decide if you want to get immersed in nature or not. Your trip will be considerably different if you want to visit little towns or travel within cities. The route of your tour will also depend on your level and the number of hours you want to ride per day. You should always consider the geography of the terrain, and if you are planning to travel alone or with others. 

To set up the itinerary for your bike trip, be sure to look at maps and explore the terrain while planning. Analyze the routes, the distances, and the services that you will find on your way. Keep in mind the number of hours you will ride per day and the places you want to visit. It’s always good to leave some time to improvise! There are great mobile apps that will help you plan your bike trip, such as Komoot and Strava.

Another important thing to consider is equipment. What gear should you bring for your bike trip? Keep in mind you will have to carry everything by yourself! You can buy panniers, bags that you can attach to your bike rack. We recommend getting some bungee cords to tie them better! You can also get a handlebar bag for the front pack, and rain covers if rain is in the forecast. Bike lights are a must-have, as well as a reflective safety vest, a bike lock, and a bike repair kit. Water bottles are essential and you can also get the cage to attach it to the bike. There are always plenty of gadgets you can get, but all these are some of the core essentials you will need to start planning your bike trip.

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