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Best U.S States For Camping

Camping season is all year round. The U.S is one of the best countries for camping, with several states prepared to welcome experienced and beginner campers. In this vast and varied country, you can find picturesque spots across the U.S that fit your traveling bucket list. 

Camping is popular at national and state parks, natural preserves, forests, and wild areas. Each state has a unique appeal for campers, giving you a wide variety of options for your trip.

Insuremytrip shares several features to consider when deciding which are the best U.S states for camping for your next trip. Some of them rely on nature and biodiversity, such as the size of the state, forest coverage, rainfall, and species diversity. 

Also, consider the state’s infrastructure, look for the quality of camping sights, fuel prices, and access to services, like internet connection. And, at last, some other factors rely on security, considering the number of accidents and crimes.

To help you get started on planning your next camping trip, Community Lands has put together our four best U.S states for camping.

1. Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a great state to start camping in if you don’t yet know your preferences. The campgrounds are varied and offer several different amenities. Sites in Rhode Island include state campgrounds, RV parking, and waterfront grounds, just to name a few. Head to Visit Rhode Island for a full view of all the state has to offer!

2. Utah

When thinking of Utah, its vast landscape of stunning red rocks comes to mind. Sounds beautiful, right? But the state is also filled with beautiful lakes, rivers, and forested mountains, perfect for camping!

All this pristine nature and outdoor recreation is the ideal place to spend the nights looking at the stars. And the best thing? There are plenty of free camping sites! We recommend you check out Parowan Gap Petroglyphs Dispersed Camping for more information.

3. Maryland

When visiting Maryland, you can’t miss the Assateague State Park, the island that has it all. You can camp on the beach, swim in the sea, go surfing, crabbing, or kayaking. You can even ride a horse on the beach! The island has a state and national park that can provide you with all the entertainment you’ll need for your trip.

4. New Hampshire

Mountains, rivers, the perfect landscape for your next trip! The White Mountains are the highest elevation in the northeastern U.S campgrounds in this area are especially popular. They provide different types of facilities. Let nature be the protagonist and enjoy outdoor activities, such as leaf-peeping, climbing, hiking, and water sports.

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