Buying Process

Explore Our Listings

Easily search for your perfect property from our site’s home page and listing page. Properties are marked as available, In Contract, and Sold based on current inventory. You can learn everything about each parcel of land from the comfort of your home! If you want to know more about your favorite listing, you can click on “Ask A Question” on the property listing page. One of our sales agents will reach out to guide you through your purchase.

Explore Our Payment Options

Community Lands has the right payment option for everyone. You can either pay for your property in full or select a Payment Plan to pay for your property in monthly installments.

Plan A Visit (if you wish!)

You are welcome to plan a visit by contacting us beforehand and setting an appointment with one of our specialists. While we won’t be meeting with you at the property, an appointment is still required. If you are unable to visit in person, we have created our listings with all the information and tools you need to conduct your research and “visit” online from the comfort of your home!


Some properties require a 4-wheel drive and GPS to locate while others have clear road access. All of the information you need can be found on the property listing page. You can use the map and GPS coordinates to get directions from your current location to the property. Please contact us if you need any assistance with maps, coordinates, or directions at or contact your sales agent directly.

Buy Your Property

At checkout, you’ll just pay a $300 Earnest Payment and a $300 document fee to reserve the property in your name. You can select to either pay for your property in full or pay over time with one of our payment plan options. Our site will calculate the payment plan monthly rate for you. Just set the calculator to the term length you prefer and let it do the work for you!


We’ve simplified the buying process with straightforward, easy-to-read contracts that will be emailed to you directly. If you select a payment plan, you can sign-up for automatic payments and a Payment Protection Plan that will guarantee your monthly payments are paid on time. If you don’t need a payment plan, you can also pay in full with the assistance of one of our sales agents after you checkout.

Transferring Deed

Congratulations, you are now a property owner! After you checkout, a sales agent will be in contact with you to finalize your Purchase and Sales Agreement. Once you begin making your payments, you will have full access to the property. If paying in full, we will be contacting you to finalize your purchase. 


If starting a payment plan, the deed will be transferred to you after paying off your full balance. The process of transferring the deed to your name can take up to 30 days. You can contact the sales agent who assisted you during your purchase or at any time with inquiries. We do as much of the work for you as we can, making your investment seamless and quick. We are always here to guide you through your purchase, before or after checkout.


Yes! You can use the maps and GPS coordinates we provide on the property listing to get directions to the property. For further guidance, contact one of our team members at

We provide zoning information on each property listing. If you have any more questions about zoning on a property, you can contact our team M-F, 9AM-5PM EST at (305) 413-5300. You can also email us at or reach out to the sales agent that has helped you before. You can learn more about zoning at our Resources Center.

All our properties are sold free of liens and encumbrances. We guarantee that the taxes are up to date.

As soon as your purchase agreement is executed, the property is yours! You can begin to use it regardless of whether you have paid in full or started a payment plan. However, payments must be current and all laws set forth by the county need to be followed.

Feel free to reach out to our team M-F, 9AM-5PM EST at (305) 413-5300. You can also email us at or reach out to the sales agent that has helped you before.

We acquire off-market properties through foreclosures, government auctions, tax liens, and small investment companies.

Once you have completed all payments for the property, we will transfer the property deed to you and send it to the county for recording within 60 days. After recording, the county will send you the original deed in your name.

We do not perform credit checks and find it an unnecessary step for our buyers wishing to become landowners.

You can purchase any one of our properties totally online. You have the option to pay the purchase price in full or create your own payment plan. You can check out our full Buying Process in detail here.

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