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vacant land in texas

Teodora Klechkaroska  /   01/09/2023

One of the most powerful strategies to increase wealth is to invest in land. Real estate, especially vacant land, is an investment plan that never goes out of style. Of course, this is because you can’t make any more of … Continue reading Vacant Land In Texas: As Profitable As It Is Beautiful

vacant land in philadelphia

Aleksandra Jovchevska  /   01/02/2023

Owning vacant land in Philadelphia, the 6th most populous city in the United States, might be the golden chance you have been looking for! Currently, Philly has more than 40,000 vacant lots available. They can now be yours! Lucky for … Continue reading Vacant Land In Philadelphia Waiting For New Investors!

buy land

Aleksandra Jovchevska  /   12/26/2022

There are many benefits to purchasing land. Land is a limited resource you’ll never run out of when you own it! Being a landowner is always a good investment. Additionally, in this lucrative market, it’s important to try and stay … Continue reading 10 Acres in Hudson Valley: Perfect Opportunity To Buy Land in NY

commercial development

Lucy Pearl  /   12/20/2022

In recent years, the economic development of rural communities has become a hot topic. In many cases, commercial development can be a beneficial force in rural areas where there is a lack of infrastructure and job opportunities. But how do … Continue reading How To Ethically Start A Commercial Development in Rural Communities

land near lake ontario

Marija Miljkovic  /   12/19/2022

Many of us dream of a house near a lake. Being near a river, sea, or lake is aspirational for most. We live in the age of technology, enclosed in apartments and offices, surrounded by buildings and concrete, and under … Continue reading 37.2 Acres Of Land Near Lake Ontario in Cayuga County, NY

increase land value

Lucy Pearl  /   12/15/2022

The key to increasing land value is understanding the proper construction techniques and materials, having the right landscaping plans in place, and learning how to optimize soil health. You can significantly increase land value with some hard work and wise … Continue reading Top 5 Easy Ways To Increase Land Value

nature lovers

Teodora Klechkaroska  /   12/12/2022

Buy land, they aren’t making any more of it! This is your chance to explore rural living and relax. Luckily, we are here for you and offer you the option to go to the countryside and enjoy nature. Nested in … Continue reading 9.67 Acres Perfect For All Nature Lovers In Ulster, New York!

vacant land

Marija Miljkovic  /   12/06/2022

A conveniently located parcel zoned residential and commercial is always a rare gem. Everyone searching to buy a piece of land thinks of how to develop and profit from it. But money isn’t the only value you can earn by … Continue reading Vacant Land In Cornwall, New York: Build A Home And Start A Business!

community lands

Jonathan Yunatanov  /   11/15/2022

My name is Jonathan Yunatanov, and I started Community Lands 3 years ago. To me, land is nature; the nostalgic moments I spent getting to know my father. My relationship with my father came with difficulty. He was always a … Continue reading Return To Nature With Community Lands