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gardening with native plants

Agustina Bluthgen  /   10/06/2021

We like to collaborate with the planet’s health. We tend to think that we help it only by planting a tree, or a bush. Or even having a nice, well-kept, and neat garden. For sure that assists in creating green … Continue reading Gardening With Native Plants: Transforming Your Backyard’s Ecosystem

urban gardening

Giovanna Trabasso  /   06/14/2021

Despite COVID-19 leading many to move away from big cities and reconnect with nature, many of us remain in the concrete jungle. It can get dull and depressing at times not having any greenery around. Admittedly so, not everyone has … Continue reading Urban Gardening: Bringing Life To Your Concrete Jungle

house plants

Rebecca Pezzatto  /   04/26/2021

Having indoor plants can shift the way your home looks. House plants can turn your home into a calm, tranquil space. It makes for a nicer environment to live and work in. It’s one of the best ways to bring … Continue reading House Plants That Survive Low Light & Are Easy To Take Care Of

home garden

Rebecca Pezzatto  /   04/26/2021

You’re all about pursuing a more sustainable lifestyle. Or you’re thinking about getting a new fulfilling hobby to get you away from screens right at the comfort of your home. Home gardening might be the perfect choice for you. Starting … Continue reading 5 Easy Steps to Start Your Own Garden at Home