Agustina Bluthgen  /   01/19/2022

Conservation Easements And Their Benefits

We only have one planet, why not take care of it? We have become more and more conscious about sustainable practices we can do from our homes. Also, any other that we can do during our everyday life. We try to make green-smart choices. What should your next step be? For those who are property owners, we suggest conservation easements.

When thinking about preservation, it is inevitable to think about land. Land is where life is created and developed. It is the physical space where habitats exist, and that is vital for life survival. Naturally, it’s vital to maintain and protect the environment that surrounds us.

If you have a piece of land, you should consider conservation easements. Conservation easements are legal agreements that limit the uses of the land to protect its conservation values. It can be seen as a restriction, as it will limit the uses of the land and preserve it for future generations. Conservation easements apply to both present and future owners of the property.

The purpose of conservation easements may vary depending on the property’s features and the needs of the owners. Lastly, the goals of the land trust or government unit signing the agreement with the owner. As the owner, you must become familiar with the property and its characteristics. With that, you will be able to trace the objectives for the easement. 

For example, the goal can be to maintain and improve water quality. Or, to perpetuate and foster the growth of healthy forests. Ensuring sustainable agriculture and forestry are other examples. It can also maintain and improve wildlife habitat and migration corridors.

Conservation easements are a positive addition to the community

They have lots of benefits for both the property owner and the planet. They are a very effective tool in protecting the lot. Additionally, they are beneficial to the owner as they provide valuable tax benefits. Also, they help owners maintain ownership of the land and keep it private. Conservation easements also provide economic benefits to the area. For example, local natural resources can be used and preserved at the same time.

But the most important benefit from conservation easements is to protect habitats within your property. They also preserve the property’s agricultural values. This is possible by looking for sustainable development alternatives. 

Preserving land also has a lot of value for the community. Looking at it from a scenic point of view, conserving nature provides for a prettier neighborhood. From a biodiversity point of view, being able to provide a home for different species. And from a outdoor recreation and education for the public perspective, providing an open space that may be used by the community.

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