Giovanna Trabasso  /   03/15/2021

Digital Land: The Future of Real Estate Investment is Now

Everyone dreams about owning their own piece of land. But what happens when you don’t want to leave your high-rise city apartment? Digital land. That’s right, you can now be a land-owner digitally. It might sound unnatural, impossible even, to own digital land. Think about it this way, money was once something that was only thought of as physical. You had money if you had bills in your wallet or bank account. It’s now hard to think of a time when credit and debit cards weren’t an option. Now, everyone at least knows what crypto-currencies are. Walk into a bar or coffee shop in London and you might be able to pay with Bitcoin. Statista showed that over 34.6 million people are blockchain waller users as of 2019. Digital assets didn’t stop there.

With digital currencies come digital worlds, and you can own a parcel

Just like a traditional land investment that everyone’s familiar with, you can buy digital land, flip it, and wait for it to be valued at a higher price in order to make a profit. If that doesn’t interest you, you can own the land and develop it as you wish for your own use. Think The Sims, but as a private property that you own. That piece of digital land exists within the digital space of the game and it belongs only to you and you can make a profit with.

Digital land, like cryptocurrencies, exists within blockchains. In the simplest terms, blockchains are unhackable transactions and records held by a data structure. Blockchains are decentralized and have no authority, they are ruled by no one. Makes sense why owning assets within a realm where you hold complete autonomy over what’s yours, right?

It gets better – you can make a profit with your digital investment

Not everyone buys land in order to build their dream home. Many land-investors buy properties in order to flip them, build a home, and rent them to other players. Look at Decentraland as an example. Decentraland is powered by the Etherum blockchain and currently one of the most popular games you can buy digital land in. The game’s cryptocurrency is called MANA, currently trading for around $0.50. NEOLand’s currency is NEO. NEO is currently traded at around $40 and has value outside of the game, unlike MANA, as NEOLand is part of the greater digital world, NeoWorld.

If you’re already familiar with cryptocurrencies, blockchains, you can also trade these currencies for Bitcoin. With Bitcoin hovering over $57,000, investment within the games suddenly becomes even cheaper. In short, your dollar is worth twice as much in Decentraland. You can buy your dream property and build your dream home for half the price. This leaves you with savings to invest in other properties and make a profit from them, making more and more MANA to optimize your home.

This is the future of real estate investment, and it’s already here. Like any investment opportunity, the sooner you jump on it, the better. Of course, investing in digital properties might be one of the riskier ways to invest in real estate. But we have all seen the rise of Bitcoin and games like Decentraland become more and more popular every day. Invest wisely, but don’t miss out on an opportunity simply because it seems too unfamiliar for the present time. Stay ahead.

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