Deshalia Murray  /   01/10/2023

Dog-friendly Outdoor Activities: Enjoying Your Land With Your Pets

Owning new land can be both exciting and very daunting. New landowners have to check every little detail if it means keeping their land as beautiful, practical, and clean as it can be. This might make you wonder, are there dog-friendly outdoor activities that will also keep your land looking good?

The short answer is yes! A lot of landowners who double as pet owners make sure to factor in their dogs when making decisions. With dogs comes the need for exercise, stimulation, “potty breaks,” and fresh air. We assure you, there are many dog-friendly outdoor activities to keep your land pristine!

Dogs, while lovable, can be destructive to this new land if not adequately given activities to keep their focus and allow them to free their energy. So, in order for new landowners to care for their land, there have to be ways to keep their dogs entertained. Here are four land-friendly activities for your furry friend!


We’re of course starting this list with the most obvious yet effective playtime for dogs. Fetch, a game played by throwing a ball, frisbee, or even a toy is a perfect game to keep a pup intrigued. Landowners can even get an automatic ball launcher to minimize arm pain!

However, it has to be monitored fetch to make sure dogs don’t make any destructive decisions. Fetch is a great dog-friendly outdoor activity to engage with your pet and walk your property!

Water Activities 

Dry and hot days are worrisome for both land and dogs as both don’t fare well in such weather. This is a perfect opportunity to break out the sprinklers, pool, or even a hose.

If your dog enjoys the cool water on their fur (which most do) these would kill multiple birds with one stone. Not only can dogs cool down and play in the water for stimulation, but the water activities also can freshen the dry land. 

Agility/Obstacle Course

One of the best ways to give dogs the playtime they need is by both stimulation and exercise. Of course, walks do those things, but pet owners can’t always leave the house. Equipment, easily obtainable on sites like Amazon, to build a course for dogs are an efficient idea.

Dogs can be both trained and entertained through this activity and the land won’t suffer from it. Obstacle courses are a dog-friendly outdoor activity that will certainly entertain and stimulate your pet past the usual playtime.

Inside Activities 

Last but not least is the most land-friendly dog-owner tip, and that’s because it doesn’t involve the land at all. When landowners can’t keep a close eye on their furry friends or take them on a walk, whether it be due to work or other personal matters, activities inside would keep the land safe and the dog stimulated. 

Some examples are active balls, puzzle toys, or balls that stick to the wall or floor. Those are just to name a few but all inside activities are good ones!

All of these activities are great ways to keep your new land in tip-top shape while caring for your dog in the best way possible. Nothing should keep new landowners from making such a big decision, especially not their lovely pet. Utilize these tips and your own and enjoy your new land!

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