Giovanna Trabasso  /   02/08/2021

Environmental Assessment: What Is It And Why You Should Have One

Knowing and understanding your property is a major step in being a landowner. There are many steps in guaranteeing that your lot is within legal parameters. As the landowner, you are now responsible for any clean-ups necessary in order to protect the environment. Yes, you are free to do what you wish with your property, but it’s important to know the impact you might have on your land. This is where an Environmental Assessment comes in.

Environmental Assessments are used to protect both the land-owner and the land itself. This will determine whether there are any environmental issues with your property that need to be addressed. According to the National Preservation Institute, getting an EA done on your property will tell if there’s anything being done to the property. It will determine if anything can endanger the human environment. Being a land-owner comes with many responsibilities beyond those that take care of your own immediate needs.

It’s in everyone’s best interest to have it at its optimal environmental condition. Don’t worry, an EA is not supposed to find every minimal issue that could arise. It is a simple but thorough process. Land-owners should always be familiar with their property. Even though regulations are unspecific about who should get an EA. 

It’s extremely important to be mindful of your land.

For most land-owners a Phase I EA is sufficient. Especially those who own non-residential properties. The environmental engineer will walk through the property and investigate the physical state of the land. This will guarantee that there are no chemical residues, pesticides, spills, or contaminants within the property. It can also provide a brief look into what was there before you owned the property! Other than the walk-through, you can expect pictures to be taken of the property.

If needed, Phase II will go into further detail about your property. A Phase II EA can tell the conditions of the soil, water, and air within the investigated property. This will determine whether or not the land will require any further care in order to medicate it to its optimal condition. It assures that the owner is getting the property at its best state and that the property is not contaminating its surroundings.

As we navigate through Climate Change, it is essential to do your due diligence not only financially. It is now more important than ever to pay close attention to the environmental impacts we cause. As land-owners, we have the opportunity to positively contribute right from our backyard. Community Lands chronicles the various ways in which land ownership and sustainability come hand-in-hand. But not much can be done if the land itself is not environmentally apt. You can guarantee prosperity for both you and your land with an Environmental Assessment.

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