Agustina Bluthgen  /   10/06/2021

Gardening With Native Plants: Transforming Your Backyard’s Ecosystem

We like to collaborate with the planet’s health. We tend to think that we help it only by planting a tree, or a bush. Or even having a nice, well-kept, and neat garden. For sure that assists in creating green spaces and green life. But, while it is true that all plants are beneficial, it is important we also take into account location. This shows the importance of gardening with native plants. Not all plants are suitable for all ecosystems. Native plants benefit species, both animals and plants, that are native to a region.

Not familiar with the benefits of gardening with native plants? You may be surprised at the many benefits that it can offer. It’s time to explore your own garden. Native garden plants are easy to grow because they’re naturally in tune with the environment. They do not need extra care and they are an ideal habitat for honeybees and butterflies. These are great pollinators! Birds and wildlife will also find their way to your garden. Another extra benefit is that you will not introduce exotic plants. These can change your garden ecosystem and damage your plants.

Because of this, it is very important to get to know the ecosystem around us. When choosing what to plant, it’s important to check how it originated, how it works, how species relate and behave. And also how we can contribute to that balance. At least, we should not break it or change it. 

If we are not careful when gardening with native plants we can damage the plants and animals that live there. And, sometimes, they exist even before humans. So, it’s important we pay attention to this. The first thing is to understand what is happening around us. Be aware and consider the life that lives there before us. And have in mind the native plants of each region at the moment of gardening. 

A native plant’s environment may be a region, state, or a particular habitat. For example, plants that are native to the swamps of Florida wouldn’t survive in the desert of Arizona. And the ones that grow in the tidal marshes of the Pacific Northwest wouldn’t survive the winter in Wisconsin. 

It doesn’t matter where you live or where you garden; native plants are everywhere. And gardening with native plants will also benefit you as they need little maintenance. Their natural environments meet all their needs.

Some benefits of gardening with native plants:

  • You’ll be promoting a healthy ecosystem and conserving biodiversity
  • Helping to preserve beautiful native plants
  • Creating a home for hundreds of insects and birds
  • Saving money as you will not have to use pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemical products
  • Improve water and air quality of your land
  • Prevent soil erosion and native plants raise nutrients by enriching the humus
  • They do not become a pest as they have natural controllers
  • They recreate our natural landscapes

Are you ready to try your hand at gardening with native plants?

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