Rebecca Pezzatto  /   04/26/2021

House Plants That Survive Low Light & Are Easy To Take Care Of

Having indoor plants can shift the way your home looks. House plants can turn your home into a calm, tranquil space. It makes for a nicer environment to live and work in. It’s one of the best ways to bring a little life to any room, adding texture, color, and even helping to purify the air.

But you might not have much space around your home. Maybe the lightning isn’t the best. We all have heard before that bad lightning means that plants won’t survive. Thankfully that isn’t the case for some house plants! There’s a biological explanation for it: in the wild, the sunlight gets blocked by trees, leaves, and vines before reaching the floor, where plants that stand in their shades grow freely.

Generally, caring for house plants that love shade is easy. Most of them don’t require much water, but that depends on the type of plant. As long as you plant them in good soil and water them at least once a month, they will grow healthily and bring more joy to your home. Keep in mind that some plants will do alright in a room with one or two windows, even if there’s no direct sunlight. But having a plant in a room with absolutely no windows will make it hard to grow even the most shade-tolerant of plants. In that case, you can leave artificial lights on for a few hours a day to help them.

Community Lands compiled a few of the best options for house plants that are low maintenance, don’t take much space in your home, and thrive with little to no light!

spider plantSpider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

Considered one of the most adaptable of house plants. The spider plant survives for a long time in low light conditions including artificial light and needs watering only when the soil feels dry. The long leaves dangle down like spiders on their web. This plant is the perfect choice for a hanging basket, saving up space in your house.

snake plantSnake Plant (Sansevieria)

This house plant is known for being difficult to kill, making it one of the best low-light plants. It’s also one of the most recommended plants for improving air quality. The snake plant is a type of succulent, which means it retains the water in its leaves. Only water it when the soil feels completely dry, and watch your plant grow and thrive for decades!

lucky bambooLucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana)

Despite its name and appearance, the lucky bamboo isn’t part of the bamboo family! This house plant is said to bring good luck and fortune, especially when it’s given as a gift. The lucky bamboo is extremely resistant as long as you water it once a week. However, if you want it to stay the same size, be careful not to expose it to bright light, because it will grow larger.

We at Community Lands hope that you feel ready to make your home a little bit more green with these beautiful plants soon!

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