Agustina Bluthgen  /   09/27/2021

How To Buy Land Online

Finding the perfect property is not an easy task, but we already gave you some tips to help you during the process. But sometimes complications don’t end there, as the process of buying land is not easy either. To help you be prepared, we have outlined some steps to follow. The process of buying is almost never easy, and this is even more difficult when it comes to land and properties. Don’t worry, we got you covered! You can now buy land online without leaving the comfort of your home.

1. Find the land you want to buy

We already talked about finding the perfect property and gave you tips to find the best for you when you buy land online. After making your selection, you have to contact the owner or real estate agency. If you are a tech person and you like to make everything online, Community Lands would be the best option for you. We have the process of buying land completely online. It is easy to follow, secure and mobile-friendly.

2. Get your financing in order

You will have to make a deep analysis of your financial situation. You will also have to decide whether you will want to make a cash payment or you need financing to buy the land. The minimum down payment usually varies based on the property. The remaining balance may be financed. 

Community Lands offers easy terms, with no credit check or lengthy underwriting process. It also covers all closing costs! You will have full use of the property upon completion of the paperwork and receipt of your down payment. There is no prepayment penalty or balloon payment, so you can pay off the loan at any time you wish.

3. Only with a small amount of money you can secure your property

The process of buying land includes a small deposit that goes into an escrow to show that you are a serious buyer. Imagine that the seller has to be sure you are seriously interested and willing to pay. They get to keep the money in case you walk away from the deal for any reason that is not contemplated under the contingencies.

With Community Lands, you can do that online as well. The deposit is credited towards your sale.

4. Visit the property

This step is up to you. It is not necessary or mandatory to know the property physically, but maybe you want to pay it a visit. Each property is unique. Have in mind location, travel time, and road conditions before considering visiting it. Some may need 4 wheel drive, GPS, and the exact location in green areas is not always clear if you go by yourself. Another thing that you may consider is getting environmental assessments done.

If your budget allows you and you want to be completely sure the land is suitable for your purpose, you can consider different examinations. You can check if the soil is contaminated. Also, check if there is any earthquake damage or sinkhole possibilities. And, if you are thinking about building: Is the ground stable enough to support the structure you are planning?

5. Ready to buy?

If you are buying a property through Community Lands the following steps are very simple. The land buying process is simplified with straightforward, easy-to-read contracts. A representative will contact you to send them to you directly and work out payment details. 

We recommend that you hire a professional if you think it is necessary. But the process is very easy to follow in case you don’t want to make that extra expenditure.

6. Financing and payment

We have already discussed payment options during previous steps of the land buying process. At this point, payment terms and conditions should be stated clearly. If you want to pay cash have in mind that personal checks aren’t accepted. Large amounts of money exchanging hands don’t allow this. 

7. Transferring title

So you finish with your property payment and, thus, the process of buying land is coming to the end. Hooray! You will receive then a deed to confirm the transfer of the property. With Community Lands, this should take less than 30 days. Nationally recognized title insurance companies make title insurance available.

8. Congratulations, you are officially a property owner!

When you buy land online, it should be as easy as any other purchase. The advantage of working with a company like Community Lands is that we complete the entire process for you. You can now be a property owner as quickly and easily as ever! Check out our listings today and find your own piece of America.

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