Giovanna Trabasso  /   03/22/2021

How To Get Your Kids Excited For The Family Camping Trip

Camping might be a long-time family tradition of yours. You grew up loving the outdoors, waiting for those Summer camping trips with your cousins. Baths in the lake and sleeping in a tent have always been some of your fondest memories. You now have children of your own and can’t wait to carry on the tradition with them. Unfortunately, they’re not as excited as you. Don’t worry! Generations differ and they might just need new activities to excite them. If you’ve run out of ideas and still want your kids to love the next camping trip as much as you, this is the list for you.

family canoeing1. Go through all of the traditional camping activities first

You may think you have tried it all but that might mean that you’ve tried all of your traditions and forgotten about some camping trip favorites. You may have grown up swimming in the lake, now try canoeing! Your family has always sat around the campfire sharing stories, how about singing songs, reading your kids’ favorite books together? Hiking might be your favorite activity but seems boring to the little ones. We suggest a game of tag, capture the flag, flag football with the whole family to get everyone moving.

family watching tv2. Watch camping movies and TV shows before the trip

Getting your kids excited about the trip before going is also very important. Watch Summer camp movies with them like Parent Trap, It Takes Two, Camp Rock. There are also many TV shows such as Camp Lazlo, Bunk’d, Camp Lakebottom. While spending family time together doing something your kids love, express to your kids how they could be a part of the show on your next camping trip! Incorporate activities from the movies and shows they liked into your own trip.

family hiking3. Scavenger hunts!

A camping trip is all about being one with nature, exploring the outdoors. How about making it a game? Scavenger hunts are another great way to get the kids excited about hiking. Before the trip, make scavenger hunt cards with common plants, critters, animals they can encounter at your campsite. Incorporate treats and prizes for every new find, make it a game for the whole family with a grand prize for the big winner! A scavenger hunt will ring out the explorer in your kids and provide fun for the whole family.

family camping4. Get the kids involved in the planning

We all know camping trips start way before the road trip. Planning is just as important and most of the time, kids just want to feel like they’re helping out and being heard. While planning for your trip, sit down with your kids and have them join the planning. Ask them what they would like to do, what they’re looking forward to. Have the kids pack their own essentials. Of course, oversee the process so that no important item is missing, but let them give it their best try. When they join in on the planning, they’ll get to see their own planning become reality.

The biggest secret is that kids are never trying to ruin the trip for everyone. All they want is to be having as much fun as everyone else! When only catering to your favorite activities and being resistant to start new traditions, your kids will not be as excited to play along. Give new activities and traditions a try, listen to what the kids want to do, and find a common ground. Most important of all, have fun together as a family!

If you’re still in the planning phase and need help with camping essentials, check-out our MUST HAVE camping essentials for every successful camping trip!

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