Deshalia Murray  /   01/12/2023

How To Make Money From Raw Land: Renaissance Fairs On Recreational Land

Regarding recreational vacant land, landowners may not know that the lot can give them more than they think. Many activities can be held on the property. While it’s great that some are free, there is no problem with monetizing your recreational land! Landowners often ask themselves how to make money from raw land. Recreational properties are one of the easiest to monetize!

The best way to do this is to hold events that garner attention and pay attendees. Not only that but an event that won’t be detrimental to the land. What would a perfect event be that checks all those boxes? A Renaissance Fair! 

A Renaissance Fair (or “Ren Faire” if you’re fun) is an extravagant event that celebrates and bases itself on the historic European renaissance period. Attendees are able to dress inspired by or as people in this period of time and participate in activities, and eat, all based on this historical period. It is an amazing time and can last for days! This is where the land and monetization come in. When considering how to monetize raw land, why not also consider how to make it sustainable and fun?

Taking Care Of Your Raw Land

Tidy, prospering land in a good area and picking a month of good weather is already a good start. Once the plans and approval are made, make sure to decorate the land with things that won’t cause damage. So if tents and tables are being set up, use buffers that will secure them without digging holes into the ground. Make it flashy while remembering the recreational land will be used again (especially if your Ren Faire is successful!).

Though the land is the most important here, having a successful turnout is just as important. This means promoting! Utilize volunteers to help with both set up and getting the word out. Hang flyers and make fun social media posts to attract people. Also, on the day(s) of the event, have posters pointing towards the area with permission to do so. The more the merrier! 

Not only will a good turnout be great monetary-wise, but it can be the start to continuous monetization of your recreational land. If the Ren Faire is successful, some people will come again for the next one or anything hosted there. Furthermore, people may want to use your land for their own monetary purposes! Leasing and renting are always top-of-mind when thinking about how to make money from raw land. 

In the end, a Renaissance Fair is yet another reason why recreational landowning is a great financial decision. All the work put into maintaining the land should always count for something right? Make it different. Mix it up. Don’t be like every other landowner. It doesn’t have to just be a dog park or a soccer field!

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