Agustina Bluthgen  /   02/16/2022

Improving Air Quality With Trees

Taking care of our planet is, or should be, one of our main priorities. And, for this, we have to turn to the basics. Remember when, at school, we studied photosynthesis and the importance of plants and trees? They are a source of life and contribute to our planet’s health. Because of this, trees and their natural impact on air quality should be one of our main concerns.

Air pollution is a global crisis. High concentrations of harmful gases and particles increase temperatures. Which contributes to intensifying climate change. These gasses affect in a very negative way the health not only of humans but also of animals and plants.

Poor air quality is dangerous for our bodies. It increases the risk of strokes, lung cancer, and heart disease. Breathing polluted air also damages the immune system. Also, poor air quality is bad for the environment. Other than the widely known effects of global warming, air pollution, and climate change also produce acid rain that corrodes the soil and water. Additionally, it also corrodes the fields and crops.

The good news is that Mother Nature has our back! Healthy trees and big forests help improve air quality. Pollution is reduced and removed from the ozone and carbon monoxide. Trees absorb chemicals and release pure oxygen as the earth’s purification system. Also, tress can mitigate greenhouse gas effects by trapping heat. They reduce ground-level ozone levels and release oxygen, which all know we need.

This is why forests are vital to repair the health of our planet. Forests absorb a third of global emissions every year. But we do not have to consider only those outside of cities. The impact of trees on the air quality is so important and relevant for cities as well. 

Urban trees and parks have a lot of benefits. And cities must consider them and include them in the urban landscape. Trees are not only beneficial for the planet and for our health. They also have many economic benefits, as they help save buildings’ energy costs. Additionally, look great and appeal to tourists and visitors, contributing to a green economy. 

Don’t you like trees in the city? Aren’t they full of life? Green choices are vital now, we have to remember that. And the connection of trees and air quality is very important for cities and surrounding areas. Let’s help in all ways we can. Remember this week to go somewhere green near your home and take a deep, fresh breath.

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