Agustina Bluthgen  /   06/08/2022

Keeping Animals On Vacant Land

You may be considering acquiring livestock for your property. Either for domestic use, if you are planning to live off-grid, or as an investment. There are some issues to consider if you are thinking about keeping animals on vacant land. Especially if they aren’t domestic pets, such as dogs and cats.

The first thing to consider is zoning restrictions. You have to check the local laws for possible limitations. Zoning laws in most areas allow domestic pets. But keep in mind that they may be more restrictive with exotic pets or farm animals. Ordinances are designed to ensure safety and order throughout neighborhoods. 

The restrictions for keeping animals on your land may be based on the type of animal. Depending on the zone your land is located in, you can have one animal and not another. Think about having a cow in the middle of the city, or a pig in a commercial neighborhood. 

Zoning ordinances for keeping animals on your land also limit the number of animals allowed on the property. Not only the location of the land and the type of animals are taken into consideration. The condition of the property that is housing the animals is also important. Naturally, you can conclude that big animals may be allowed in fewer numbers than small ones.

Taking all of the above into consideration, remember to check the local zoning ordinance in your area. Make sure you are not in violation of any zoning laws. If you intend to violate the zoning ordinance, you may check if you can request an exception. And if you have any concerns you can check with a local attorney. But don’t worry!

Keeping animals on vacant land is not as ruled as it seems.

While keeping animals on vacant land, you should make sure that it is adequately fenced. You have to prevent the escape of the animals. This will help you protect your animals and also contribute to the safety of the zone. You should always consider the well-being of the animals as just as important as staying within regulations.

It is not a nice topic to cover, but waste management should also be of your concern. An adequate organization and outlining of the way you will deal with excrements must be set up. Be sure to do it before acquiring the animals.

And a final reminder! If you are thinking of becoming a stock owner, you have to remember you are responsible for all damages. Animals must have necessities covered and be safe. You have to ensure the adequate welfare of the animals. They need to have adequate food, water, and shelter. And you have to ensure the safety of yourself and your neighbors.

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