0.49 Acres in Fairfield Bay, AR ID: AR-871

0.49  acres ID: AR-871
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GPS coordinates: 35.5892, -92.2443

Property Description

Rare investment opportunity on 0.49 acres of vacant land in Van Buren County, Arkansas at a discounted price! The property is only accessible via an undeveloped road from Monarch Cir. The terrain has a gentle slope with a heavy tree cover and no water supply.

The property is zoned as R-1B and is part of the Indian Hills subdivision, an undeveloped area with unimproved roads. Zoning building codes apply. At this time, building is not allowed and the area is not a priority for development. Mobile homes and RVs can only be placed in a mobile home park, of which there is only one in the city.

• Walking distance to Greers Ferry Lake
• 9-minute drive to Woodland Mead Park
• 19-minute drive to Devils Fork Recreation Area & Van Buren Recreation Area
• 20-minute drive to Narrows Park

Municipal Code

Property Specifics

Property ID AR-871
Acres 0.49
County, State Van Buren, Arkansas
APN 4300-18063-0000
Tax ID/SBL STR: 15-11-12/ LB: D -18
Zoning R-1B
Is it buildable? NA
Mobile Home/RV No
Road Access Dirt road
Electricity Inaccessible
Water Well Required
Terrain Slope
Flood Zone No
Septic or Sewer Septic System Required
Annual Taxes $ 19.12
HOA Indian Hills
NW35.5894, -92.2445
NE35.5895, -92.2444
SW35.589, -92.2445
SE35.589, -92.2439
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$582 $291 $194 $146 $116 $97 $83 $73 $65 $58
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