Agustina Bluthgen  /   03/30/2022

Recycling With Kids: Green Education At Home

We are recycling more and more, but it’s still not enough. The recycling rate is still low and it is important to raise awareness about it. Good habits start at home, and recycling should be present in all homes. Recycling with kids is a great place to start creating those green habits.

A green education for kids is essential. We have to teach our children how to take care of the planet, as they will receive the keys to it someday. It is in our hands to stop the next generation from making the same mistakes we have. It is important to educate them to build a more sustainable planet.

The good thing is that recycling with kids is not that difficult. You can make it fun! There are plenty of activities and ideas to teach them the basics of ecological values. We have to focus on making them conscious of generating less waste. And of course, also about recycling and reusing.

Recycling with kids includes games and activities that are fun, educational, and easy. We will help you with some ideas, but feel free to be creative and make some of your own!

1. Create signs for recycling containers with drawings

The first thing to teach your children is to separate waste. They must get to know the different rubbish bins. You can dedicate an afternoon to showing them the differences. You can draw together the signs and colors for each of them.

2. Composting 

Kids love to get dirty and be with nature. Start a family compost bin in the garden, where children can help collect kitchen waste. Teach them about the basics of composting and how to make it. They can also collect green material from outside, like leaves, to put in the compost bin.

3. Create collages and crafts from reused paper, cardboard, and other materials

Recycling with kids can be so much fun! Set up a box for them to collect used paper, like magazines, newspapers, junk mail. Also set up another bin to collect used materials, such as cans, plastic bottles, and others. Remind them to store them clean. You can even make a competition to see who collects more! Once a week you can sit with them to create homemade crafts and collages together.

4. Make fun, reusable shopping bags 

Teaching your children how to shop green starts with your bags. You can spend an afternoon together creating your reusable bags together. You can buy some plain ones and color them with your kids with some textile paint or permanent markers.

5. Recycle old toys and encourage donation

Teach your children about the properties of materials and how to create new toys with their old ones. It is also important to teach them about donating. Every season you can encourage them to separate toys they don’t play with anymore. Then, take them together to a donation center.

6. Start a green competition

Kids love to compete with each other! Make a game out of chores to encourage them to help and teach them how to do it themselves. You can also set awards for meeting recycling targets. This works for everyday chores, homework, not only recycling!

Kids look up to the adults in their life. Recycling with kids can be fun, exciting, and educational. Start by creating habits from a young age and you’ll be surprised to see that even you will start picking up better habits!


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