Rebecca Pezzatto  /   06/23/2021

Sustainability Apps To Help You Be More Green

How do you use your smartphone? We pretty much have it on our hands all day. We use it for work, for studying, to communicate, for entertainment. But we also often pick it up on a whim, without having anything really important to do on it. If you’re leaning towards a more sustainable lifestyle, one of the best ways to use your phone is by downloading apps.

Apps are here to make your life easier. There’s an infinite variety of tools specifically designed to help you be sustainable in every area of your life. Whether it’s being more focused and productive on your daily tasks. However, you can also use apps when taking care of the environment! Sustainability apps can be used when buying eco-friendly products, or avoiding wasting paper. The possibilities are endless.

While apps are helpful, we know downloading apps can be a little bit overwhelming. There are too many of them, and they can easily get forgotten and unused in your phone library. Thinking about improving your daily life and making your routine more practical, we’ve selected 4 useful sustainability apps to help you get inspired to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


Flora is a focus keeper and goal/habit tracker that actually helps you put down your phone to be productive. If you get distracted easily and fail to get focused on your daily tasks, this app is the solution. It blocks distracting apps like social media and games pleasantly. You can select a focus duration and start growing a virtual tree, and if you leave the app, the tree dies. Flora users can also help plant real trees in the world, so you can help the planet while improving your life!

Available on iOS and Android: 


PaperKarma is an app that stops junk mail to arrive. But not emails, the real paper mail sent to your home or work! You only have to snap a photo of your unwanted mail to unsubscribe from marketing lists. According to PaperKarma, each US household receives about 850 pieces of unwanted junk mail per year. So not only you’ll stop dealing with unsolicited mail that would probably just go to your trash unopened, but you’ll also help stop wasting paper that damages the environment.

Available on iOS and Android: 


Oroeco is a carbon footprint calculator that allows you to automatically track your climate impact. It is based on things like your electricity consumption, transport, shopping, and leisure activities. It helps you take action and reduce your carbon footprint with personalized tips adapted to your lifestyle. You can compare your climate impact with your friends, inspire your community into action in a fun and rewarding way, and become a Climate Hero!

Available on iOS and Android: 


DoneGood is an ethical shopping app that helps you find the products you need from quality brands that suit your sustainable beliefs. Sometimes you buy stuff without even knowing where you’re sending off your money. With DoneGood you have a guarantee that the brands you choose to buy are doing good for the planet. Select the sustainable categories you want, like eco-friendly or cruelty-free, and discover brands in local stores. They also offer discount codes, so you can save money while helping the planet!

Available on iOS and Android: 

Are you ready to go green with sustainability apps? We are here to help you make the move to a more sustainable lifestyle. Be sure to check out all of our Sustainability blogs!

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