Agustina Bluthgen  /   04/27/2022

Sustainability At Work: Making The Workplace Green

We have heard a lot about sustainability and how important it is to be sustainable. You may have acquired a lot of practice in your daily life. You separate waste and try to reduce, reuse and recycle. Maybe you now even prefer your bike over your car. There are a lot of alternatives and suggested ways of improving our green life. And sustainability at work is one of them that is often overlooked.

Sustainability is considered by many companies. It often is part of their core business. Companies have learned that creating a culture of sustainability among employees gives them a reason to feel good about their job and what they do. Employees also feel proud to work for an environmentally responsible company.

But the change shouldn’t be promoted only by the companies. Of course, they can look for ways to be more efficient and use resources more effectively. They can set up processes and guidelines for every process. This includes production, distribution, and selling, among others. Also within their offices, like kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms. But the change has to come from us as workers as well.

Sustainability at work means adopting working conditions that will support you and the people you work with. Plus, it will help the environment and the community where you live.

You spend more hours at work than you do elsewhere. And nowadays those times may even be held at home if you are remote working. A sustainable and healthy workplace will make you a happier and more motivated worker. And it will eventually increase your productivity as well!

Either if you are an entrepreneur or an employee, here are some ideas that you can adopt to encourage sustainability at work:

Electronics and Energy Efficiency

There are several ways for you to reduce energy consumption, such as putting your computer in sleep mode when not in use. Also always make sure lights and lamps are turned off when you’re out of your office.

Reduce paper use

This may sound repetitive and a little old, but it should never be out of style. Every time you feel you need to print something, try to think if it’s 100% necessary. If you need to do it, print double-sided. And start a scratch paper pile at each printer!

Virtual Conferences

If you have the chance to decide on this, look to hold webinars instead of planning face-to-face meetings with customers or partners. This will save effort, time, and other resources, like gasoline, electricity, and water.

Workplace Wellness

Exercise programs during your workday can be incorporated into your schedule. This will impact your health and your productivity at work. Opt for stairs instead of elevators. Use a standing desk to create an ergonomic workplace, or try to stand up every hour. 

Add plants!

Plants help remind you of the importance of the environment. They also help cleanse the air and relax your mind. Green architecture is on the rise and can vastly improve your offices.

If you would like to check out more tips for sustainability at work and at home, we share various tips on how to make the switch easy!

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