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eco-friendly valentine's day

Agustina Bluthgen  /   02/09/2022

Valentine’s Day is all about love. It’s a day to celebrate how much we care about the people around us. Fancy dinners, glitter cards, bouquets of roses, teddies, ornaments you will never use again. Not to mention, endless throwaway decorations, … Continue reading Top 5 Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts

green architecture

Giovanna Trabasso  /   06/25/2021

Green architecture could bring a whole new meaning to the “concrete jungle.” After Milan was named the most polluted city in Europe, the city found a way to counter that. In 2014, two new skyscrapers like none before were inaugurated. … Continue reading Green Architecture: How Nature Is Taking Over Cities

eco-friendly pet owner

Rebecca Pezzatto  /   06/16/2021

It’s irrevocably true that pets are human’s best friends. Not only our furry friends are capable of bringing joy to our lives, make us feel unconditionally loved and much less lonely, and even help with our mental health, but research … Continue reading How To Be An Eco-Friendly Pet Owner