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Giovanna Trabasso  /   09/17/2021

When buying your own property, there are endless possibilities. You can build a house, start a farm, create a campground, it’s all up to you. But there are some amenities that you just can’t live without. Whether you want to … Continue reading How to Get Electricity To Vacant Land

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Giovanna Trabasso  /   03/08/2021

Many people think that once they buy land, they can do whatever they want to it. That’s not entirely true. While the property is yours and you are free to choose what you do with it, there are laws you … Continue reading How to Avoid Making Your Off-Grid Home Illegal

off-grid living

Giovanna Trabasso  /   02/01/2021

If you want to make an investment towards a more autonomous and self-reliant lifestyle, off-grid living should be under your radar. The meaning of living off the grid has evolved constantly through the past few years. Essentially, it means a … Continue reading The 3 Essentials of Off-Grid Living You May Be Forgetting

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Giovanna Trabasso  /   01/18/2021

COVID-19 brought upon a shift in city-living. With jobs becoming more adaptable to WFH and the greatest assets of big cities closing down, many moved back to their hometowns, childhood bedrooms, country houses. However, this has merely been an increase … Continue reading What Is Sustainable Living?