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investing in land

Agustina Bluthgen  /   08/03/2022

Have you considered vacant land as an investment? Rural properties are available all across the United States. The average cost is relatively low, especially if buying it from a reliable source. Investing in land is now easier than ever, don’t … Continue reading 5 Benefits Of Investing In Land

buying land

Agustina Bluthgen  /   12/22/2021

The new year is just around the corner. Like every year, it’s time when we “try” to slow down (holidays never go smoothly and easily). We do an analysis of the past year and set up goals for the next … Continue reading Why Buying Land Is A Good Investment For 2022

buying land online

Agustina Bluthgen  /   08/20/2021

There are a lot of things to consider when buying land. Time is a big factor most forget when they set out to buy a property. You should consider the best way to buy land for you, your requirements, and … Continue reading Buying Land Online: The Easiest Way To Become A Property Owner

build a house

Agustina Bluthgen  /   07/30/2021

Homeowners always face the complicated dilemma of either buying an already built home or building from scratch. While in the hunt for your new home you may wonder whether you get a new property or you buy land and build … Continue reading Should I Buy A House Or Build A House?

buying land

Agustina Bluthgen  /   07/28/2021

Finding the perfect property when buying land is not an easy task. Even if you find a property that blows your mind, you have to take your time and inquire a little bit more. Taking a step back, you have … Continue reading Important Questions To Ask When Buying Land

real estate investments

Agustina Bluthgen  /   07/21/2021

You may be saving for your children’s college fund or planning for retirement.  You may be earning passive or residual income you want to double. To do so, you need an investment strategy that fits your budget and needs. To … Continue reading Are Real Estate Investments Better Than The Stock Market?