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The Easiest Guide To On-The-Road Campervan Parking

The sunny, warm weather invites us to travel in nature. And doing it with a motorhome around this beautiful country is an amazing experience. The freedom of traveling at your own pace, and visiting all the places you want. Visiting cities and national parks. Having an itinerary scheduled or deciding on the go. You just have to pack up your belongings and explore the world on your terms and in your own time. But campervan parking is not as easy as everyday parking.

You can either be young, searching for adventures, with friends or a partner. Or you can be enjoying retirement with your partner or family. Campervan traveling is for all!

One of the biggest benefits of traveling in a campervan is the minimal lodging fees. Your home will be traveling along with you! So sleeping in a van is generally not an issue. But you have to have to keep some concerns in mind during your trip when it comes to campervan parking.

If you are concerned about safety, most of the time you will have nothing to worry about. If you are a bit careful about how exposed your belongings are and have some decent locks, you can sleep easily.

To help you with your campervan trip, here are our best tips on parking:

Places where you CAN’T park

Let’s begin with the places where you are not able to park your campervan. This will save you many headaches. We are sharing a list of places where you can be sure you are not allowed to park down below. But first, let’s go over the big no-nos.

1. Private property

This one may sound obvious. If you stay on private property is considered trespassing and it’s illegal. Unless you have express permission from the owner, try to avoid private property for campervan parking.

2. Rest stops along the highways

Generally, you are not allowed to park your campervan in these places. But some states do allow overnight parking at designated rest stops. They are very useful for some breaks during your trip, to get a snack, go to the bathroom and stretch your legs. But don’t stay too long and always check for local regulations if you are not sure if they allow you to park for the night.

3. City streets

Traveling with a campervan through cities is very challenging. Before traveling, always check the city’s regulations about driving and traffic rules. Campervans are not usually allowed to park overnight, unlike traditional vehicles. Additionally, in some cities, you are also not allowed to drive around the city. Remember: check, check, check!

Where you (typically) CAN park

1. Friends and family

Let’s start with the obvious. If someone you know allows you to stay at their property, you can rest easy!

2. RV Campgrounds

These are the most common places to park, as they are the most convenient ones. They typically have minimal or no limits on how long you are allowed to stay. As long as you pay for your spot, of course. Most of these campgrounds have facilities, such as bathrooms, hookups for water and electricity, wifi, and barbecue places. Even a convenience store and a laundry. Of course, some even have extra amenities.

3. National and State Parks

When looking for campervan parking, you should consider visiting a national park. You will enjoy the landscape and nature, so you will be having some rest and fun at the same time. Keep in mind that many parks require a reservation, so be sure to plan your stay well ahead.

4. Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

Some areas allow free dispersed camping. This means you can camp outside the designated campground. Usually, it is up to 14 days. If you are planning to use one of these be sure to read the guidelines beforehand.

5. Walmart

This supermarket brand is one of the most well-known places where you can park your campervan overnight. It is convenient because you can also take the opportunity to stock up on essentials for your trip. Most Walmarts are available for free, overnight parking. To be safe, check this list for the ones that do not allow it.

Remember to park in the back corner of the lot away from the store, so to let paying customers find a place. This will also give you a quieter place for better rest.

6. Truck stops

Although these are designed for large trucks, they have all the proper accommodations you would need, usually for a small fee. You can consider them for a brief stop during your trip.

7. Casinos

If you happen to be near a casino and you are looking for a place where to park your campervan, give it a try! There are a lot of free things that are provided by the casinos. As they want you to do some gambling while you are there, of course. But don’t worry, you are not obliged to do so. Casinos offer a quick and easy rest stop.

Going on a campervan trip is an exciting way of exploring the country. Although it gives you a lot of comforts, you must pay attention to the parking places during your trip. If you are not sure, always try to avoid doubtful places. You can also check additional online resources to find free camping spots, such as Free Camping sites.

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