Giovanna Trabasso  /   04/15/2021

Top 10 Outdoor Activities and Creative Ways to Use Your Vacant Land

Maybe you inherited some land. Or maybe your initial plans with your property didn’t work out. You now have a great lot but no ideas on what to do with it. You love outdoor activities but can’t decide what to do. The good news is that the options are endless. As a landowner, there’s always something new you can do with your property. There are infinite possibilities when it comes to innovating outdoors with your property. But of course, not everything can be done on the same property.

There are a lot of factors to consider before deciding how to use your property. First and foremost, consider the zoning. Your property’s zoning will determine what can or cannot be done to it. Secondly, consider the county. While the property is yours, the county it’s located in still matters when it comes to usage. Lastly, think about long-term possibilities, how what you do to the property will change it. With that being said, you still have countless options! Here are 10 different ways you can make the most of your property while enjoying outdoor activities.

1. Camping

Of course, camping on vacant land is one of the most obvious outdoor activities. But many people don’t even consider it when it comes to using their own land! Camping on your own property is not allowed for an extended period of time. That doesn’t mean you can’t spend a fun long weekend enjoying the outdoors, sleeping under the stars. If you have a vacant lot, big or small, pitch a tent and enjoy a few nights around the campfire.

2. Hunting

If the usual public hunting grounds are not as great as they used to be, you can set up your own. Even better, you can make it private! Always keep in mind the necessary licenses and seasons. Other than those restrictions, you can make up your own and keep all game found on your property to yourself. As the property is your own, you can fence it and put up signs to keep out other hunters.

3. Dirt bike and ATV Trails

Sometimes the same trails and courses get old. Driving around the same twists and turns is not as fun as it once was. How about creating your own? While in compliance with your state’s laws, you can create the best ATV and dirt biking course you’ve ever seen. And of course, you have the chance to close it off from the public and make it all your own.

4. Weekend Getaway

How about setting up your dream stay-cation spot on a low-budget? While tiny homes are now becoming more and more popular as people’s forever homes, you can stay keep it as your weekend getaway. If you enjoy long RV road trips, you can always use your property as your RV’s driveway. That way you keep it out of your way, but can still use it as your weekend home or drive it to numerous destinations while having a place to keep it.

5. Storage

Maybe you don’t need or want to change your property all too much at the moment. But you do have those seasonal tools, furniture sets, decorations that just don’t fit in your garage anymore. Your vacant lot is there for you! Set up a shack or small cabin and use your vacant property as storage space. This way you’ll always know where everything is: out of your way.

6. Nature Preservation

Disrupting ecosystems might not be a thing and you wish to do your part to conserve the nature that surrounds you. You can start small by turning your vacant lot into an ecological oasis. You can keep your property free of hunting, vehicles, campings, and preserve the wildlife and plants within your bounds. It’s simple and cost-effective. Not to mention just how grateful the ecosystems within your property will be!

7. Entertainment Venue

There’s no better way to use your property than for fun! Think outside the box and create an entertainment experience for your entire community. You can set up a venue where concerts and fairs can be held. Why not take make it old school and have a drive-in theater? With entertainment centers, not only do you make the most of your property, but you can also turn a profit while having fun with your whole community!

8. Renewable Energy Farms

Another great way to keep your property clean and help the community around you is by creating a solar or wind energy farm. Both options are renewable energy sources that can power entire towns and cities! Check out our blog post on all things renewable energy for more information.

9. Biking or Hiking Trails

If you enjoy long walks, taking in your surroundings, and exploring nature, why not have your own hiking trail? You can use your property to create a trail that is unique and accessible to all of your needs. While you can keep it your own, you can always open it up to the public and have others explore it with you.

10. Community Garden

Starting a community garden is the perfect way to get help with the upkeep of your property. This way everyone gets to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables and beautiful flowers for free and you get help with your vacant land, even when you’re not there. While others would be able to access your property, you can limit it within your community, creating a system only those contributing have access to.

Are you ready to put your vacant property to use? These are only a few of our favorite outdoor activities. The possibilities are endless! Here are Community Lands we are always looking into new, sustainable ways to use your land. Make sure to check out our blog for more ideas.

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