Agustina Bluthgen  /   08/24/2022

Top 4 Ways To Invest Your Money

There is a time in life when we start to think about ways to invest our money and expand our portfolios. Likely, you have already invested your savings here and there. But have you looked through and thought of all the details and necessary management? Investing goes beyond a savings account or buying stock shares. But we’re here to help you!

As an investor, you have several ways to increase your earnings. There are diverse, creative ways you can invest, but new options constantly become available. To find what works best, you must consider all options, old and new. 

Keep in mind that it’s advisable to have a diversified portfolio. You should consider several ways to invest. Diversity keeps your money safe and minimizes detrimental losses. When choosing the best ways to invest, consider your budget. Yes, budgets also come to play when investing! Consider the amounts you can invest and where you could invest them. Also, consider your time frame. Are you looking for long or short-term investments? When do you need to see returns, and what margins?

There are generally three major categories of investments for you to choose from. Each has its distinct characteristics, risks, and benefits. Traditionally, there are stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents. And there are also different types of investments within each of them. 

Here are our top 4 ways to invest your money.

1. Cash

Cash investments typically carry the lowest potential returns, but it is also the less risky investment type. They include bank accounts, high-interest saving accounts, and term deposits. Cash investments see consistent income and are a safe alternative to protect your money instead of just keeping it all at home. These are good for short-term investments. Keeping your money safely in a bank where it can earn interest is always better than just sitting on it!

2. Fixed interest

Fixed interest investments are on the safer side, like cash investments. They offer a lower level of risk but also lower potential returns. They are useful for short-term investments as can be sold relatively quickly. The best-known types are bonds. They are money borrowed by companies or governments where they pay a rate of interest in return. With a fixed interest rate investment, you will see consistent returns, but those will not see any chance of growth.


These can help you grow the value of your investment over the medium to long-term. If you’re looking to save and plan for the future, shares are a great way to invest your money. Shares are a riskier type of investment as they depend on their market value. Any change to the market can affect your returns. You may also see returns from dividends from time to time. Historically, investing in shares delivers higher returns than other assets.

4. Real Estate

Being a land owner or real estate is also a medium or long-term opportunity to increase your investment. Like shares, real estate can also fall in value and potential losses. But there’s nothing as unique as real estate. No property is like the other and no one can make any more of it. It’s a limited tangible asset with less risk than shares.

Community Lands vehemently believes that everyone should own their piece of the world. We do all we can to educate potential landowners and make properties available to all. To us, there’s nothing like real estate investment. If interested, check out our various posts on real estate investment. Here we share how to get started and all the benefits of becoming a landowner.

But we don’t stop there! We want you to be a successful real estate investor. Our blog also focuses on sharing tips and tricks to profit off your land, if you choose to live and develop on it or not. With Community Lands, you can invest in real estate today!

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