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Traveling In Nature: Discover Yourself And Nature

Traveling is one of the most amazing things to do, there is no doubt. It is a moment of connection, either with the place where you are (a city, a town, a village), nature, other cultures, other people, and yourself. There are always decisions to make and challenges to overcome while you travel, but it is all worth it. Traveling in nature can be especially enlightening.

Our agent Nemo completed a 12-day long journey into nature. Alone with the only company of himself, he explored different forests in Sweden during his 200 miles trip on foot. He chose traveling in nature as a way to overcome his fear of being alone. 

Traveling in nature offers the thrill of always discovering something different. Nature isn’t ruled by society and we cannot control it. You may feel scared and it’s totally normal, but sometimes it is necessary to expose ourselves to combat fear, as Nemo shared with us. We wanted to share with you Nemo’s enriching experience so you can decide if traveling in nature is your next vacation.

Where are you traveling to? By which means of transport?

N: I am traveling from the town of Gävle to Knivsta, in Sweden. I took the train to Gävle and started there. I am going by foot on a journey that is around 200 miles.

For how long are you traveling? Do you have your itinerary planned or are you just deciding on the road?

N: The journey is for 12 days. My days are pretty much the same. I wake up early in the morning, make a small breakfast, work for 2 hours and when I’m done with work, I pack up my stuff, eat a snack, and start walking. My lunch break is 30 minutes longs. Then, I continue to walk until I hit a rest stop along the walking path. I stop around 5:30 pm and set up my tent and make dinner. Once I’m done with my dinner I start to work again for 3 more hours and after that, I go to sleep. 

Are you traveling alone or with someone else?

N: I am traveling alone because I wanted to. I’ve had the fear of being alone for most of my life and this has been one of my trip’s challenging goals. To walk alone, to be alone, to eat alone, to sleep alone, to think alone. You get the idea. 

In order to get rid of the fear of being alone, you have to expose yourself completely, in order to combat the fear. This is tough and scary, trust me, it is not a joy ride, but I feel so liberated and far more at peace than I’ve ever had before. I feel like all I need is me. I needed to reconnect with myself and my body.

What are you carrying with you?

N: I am carrying with me the following: a small power station (ECO FLOW 600 that can charge a PC and phone many times), food (dry food, fast carbs), a special water sack, Trangia kitchen, small gas bottle for the kitchen, small knife, clothes, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, a special cloth that is serving as a towel, a rain jacket, rain pants, PC, phone, and notebook.

Which elements did you take with you that helped you survive?

N: In Sweden, at this time of the year, there are a lot of chanterelles growing in the forest. I was picking them all the time on the road because they are rich in protein and also very good to fry with eggs in the morning. Since the path was leading through small villages, I was always able to walk into a small store and buy the necessary food that I needed. I had to always think carefully about what to buy since I had a lot to carry.

Why did you decide to take this trip?

N: The reason for this trip was to conquer three main aspects of my life:

First of all, my past.
I’ve had a very rough childhood back in Serbia. My parents were very abusive towards me and I was beaten up almost every day. I grew up with hate in my family. Since I was 5 years old I knew that I wouldn’t project life in Serbia. 

Luckily, I was very good at playing basketball. So, when I was 17 years old, an opportunity to go and play basketball in Sweden was presented to me. I took it and left my life in Serbia to start a new one in Sweden. I had no family in Sweden, I fought very hard to get where I am today. It was never easy for me and I have never been given the time to process any of that. This was the right time to go through that part and process it, to be able to move forward.

Second, my present.
I have never been able to trust anyone. I have always been a lone wolf, I haven’t been able to let anyone into my pain and show myself vulnerable with someone. Today I live with my girlfriend, who is an amazing person. A one of a kind girl in my book. Even though she has been only good to me, I have not been able to let her in. This is why I set myself out to walk and work through my issues, so I can let her in because she deserves to see every part of me.

At last, my future.
I have never had the chance to look at what is ahead of me. To see and feel what kind of person I have become. I was always told that only fools dream, I had to look to the present, never the future. Now I dare to look ahead, I dare to see myself in 10 years and also see what kind of person I’ve become, so happy and full of joy. A person who helps those who need help. To shape the younger generation in order to achieve greatness for mankind. That is why I dared myself into this journey, to leave the old and embrace the new.

What’s the most difficult/challenging part of your trip?

N: The most difficult part is being alone. I have never liked solitude. I don’t like having fear to control my life.

What do you like about being in contact with nature? What do you dislike about it?

N: I love the smell of the forest, especially in the fall, when everything starts to change colors. I have learned during my trip to listen to the wind and embrace the deep forest energy, that flows through the grass and up in the air. Everything slows down then.

Are you missing anything?

N: I only miss my girlfriend and my dog on this trip. But I know I will see them soon.

Are you ready to follow in Nemo’s footsteps and immerse yourself in nature? Are you ready for a trip to connect with yourself? Traveling in nature offers the amazing opportunity of discovering yourself and all that surrounds you.

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