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Vacant Land In Cornwall, New York: Build A Home And Start A Business!

A conveniently located parcel zoned residential and commercial is always a rare gem. Everyone searching to buy a piece of land thinks of how to develop and profit from it. But money isn’t the only value you can earn by holding property for five or ten years. There’s so much more to owning real estate beyond monetary profits. From dreaming of to planning your new home, it all starts with vacant land.

Think of the satisfaction of successfully finishing your dream home. The happiness of your family after showing them your parcel and saying, “This is ours.” True profit is that photo you will take in front of your newly built home with your loved ones. 

From selecting your wall colors to planting your evergreen trees, and watching the porch rise from scratch to the perfect place where you will spend long summer evenings with a glass of wine and a nice book. With vacant land, you can start this journey.

Consider the unique opportunity to create a home, not just buy it. 

In this article, we share our first Property of the Week. This property might be the one you start your journey in! Located on 2602 Route 9W, in Firthcliffe, 3.3 acres in Cornwall, New York is our recommendation of the week. Be sure to tune in to the Community Chronicle weekly for our new property feature. We will be featuring our very best parcels and helping you realize their full potential. One opportunity at a time!

The Zoning

This parcel has two zonings. The commercial side of the lot is next to the main highway. The residential portion of the lot is where you can build your home. The residential section is secluded, far from the main road. 

The zoning allows for retail opportunities, offices, auto repair shops, a public park, a warehouse, and a single-family home. As a bonus, a small stream runs through this property, adding to the unique character of this lot. If you’re looking to hit the ground running right away, this property is almost perfectly flat. This means that very little will be required before you can start building!

If you finally want to kickstart that dream business idea, this is also the perfect opportunity! The commercial zoning portion of the lot is ideal for building retail space, even a small shopping mall. You can develop your commercial section and find a long-term tenant to rent it. Alternatively, you don’t even have to build on it. Focus on your residential lot and rent your commercial lot. This will generate passive income that can help you build your home!

You can also start your business and rent the residential portion of the lot. By building a home, renting it, and running a business, you can create two streams of income. All from the same lot! This property is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. To top it all off, city water and a sewage system are available, along with electricity already on the property line. Everything is set and ready for you to make your big move!

The Location

You know how the saying goes – location, location, location! This parcel checks off that box as well. It is just a few minutes away from the Hudson River and a quick, scenic ride to New York City. It has direct access to one of the main routes in Cornwall, NY –  Route 9W! This main highway stretches along the Hudson River and connects several cities from north to south. It starts in Kingston and ends at the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge. The location is ideal for businesses and has easy access to all the necessary amenities! Not only is route 9W itself convenient, but it also easily connects to all major routes.

The Attractions

Famous for its 4th of July fireworks, great schools, and a military academy, Cornwell itself is the main attraction. The town is known for being pet-friendly, with a young population, mostly in their late thirties. Young families with kids and pets walk around and enjoy Sunday mornings together. And the neighborhood is booming with local businesses!

Shopping at the farmer’s markets and picking organic fruits and vegetables for homemade meals is one of the locals’ favorite routines. This small town in the Hudson Valley is a hub for adventure, outdoor art, upscale accommodations, and all the good eats.

Tourists come to Cornwell to visit Storm King Mountain and State Park, Black Rock Forest Consortium, and Hudson Highlands Nature Museum. Storm King Adventure Tours offers guided kayaking tours in the beautiful Hudson River Valley from May through mid-October.

Cornwall’s 4th of July celebration has been a Hudson Valley favorite since 1950. A true hometown celebration with food, fun, and festivities all day long – culminating with the Main Street Mile run, a parade down Main St, a historic pageant, and fireworks!

You won’t need to drive more than 30 minutes outside the town to find amazing parks, forests, sites, and lakes. Endless opportunities for recreation, year-round trails, campsites, and resorts to spend your weekends at and relax. 

Nice and lovely neighborhoods, main routes, utilities, and zoning all allow your imagination to hit the highest levels! What more could you ask for? Start your journey today, all it takes is one click you’ll never regret

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