Teodora Klechkaroska  /   01/09/2023

Vacant Land In Texas: As Profitable As It Is Beautiful

One of the most powerful strategies to increase wealth is to invest in land. Real estate, especially vacant land, is an investment plan that never goes out of style. Of course, this is because you can’t make any more of it! Vacant land in Texas is a powerful asset to add to your portfolio. Luckily, we have just the property for you. 

Northern Texas is calling for you! Located in the beautiful city of Wichita Falls, we are featuring 0.34 acres of urban land as today’s Property of the Week. If you were considering accessibility, location, and access to necessities, then you are in the right place. This vacant lot is flat and tree-covered, with access to electricity. It is attractive as it sounds!


Are you still deciding if vacant land in Texas is for you? Let this property change your mind. There are numerous opportunities for future growth here. It might serve as the home base for your new home or office.

The parcel is zoned Residential Mixed-Use. The purpose of this district is to accommodate housing, mixed with several types of nonresidential operations. Allowed activities include single and two-family homes (duplexes), group homes, agriculture, and private recreational areas. When it comes to vacant land, it’s hard to get more diverse and accessible than this!

Due to the mixed-use nature of the area, the town requires a conditional use permit from the zoning board for commercial development or manufactured homes. As a result, the lot can be the grounds for your business. On this property, you can open auto service shops, offices, convenience stores, art galleries, and more.

The Location

In addition to the prime zoning opportunities, this lot is perfectly located, just a few minutes from the Wichita River. Wichita Falls is located in the Red River Valley, famed for its fertile farmlands. Residents enjoy a suburban atmosphere, with numerous shops, markets, restaurants, and parks nearby. You will never get bored!


Exploring parks, shopping for vintage collectibles, and visiting unique museums are just a few exciting things in Wichita Falls! While vacant land in Texas alone sounds like an attractive opportunity, the amenities are what will take you over.

Natural beauty abounds in the area. Lucy Wichita Falls Park is just 10 minutes away. The 178-acre regional park is nestled in a Wichita River bend, complete with a pool, nature center, and paved hiking and bike trails. This park contains massive pecans, cottonwoods, and a variety of other native and exotic tree species.

River Bend Nature Center is an educational center serving north Texas and southeast Oklahoma. It brings people to their natural surroundings through educational programs, environmentalism, and conservation practices.

It is time to reward yourself with a charming property in Wichita Falls!

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