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What Is A Land Survey And How To Get One

As a landowner, you need a land survey to establish land boundaries and discover the area of land a home can occupy. These areas include any subsurface improvements like a well or septic tank.

Additionally, surveys specify any additional limitations and requirements that pertain to a property’s legal description, such as easements. This article will help you understand all you need to know about land surveys and the different ways to get them.

Whether you want to purchase a new house or add to one you already own, Community Lands is here to help you be a prosperous and sustainable landowner. We show you the need for a land survey and ways to acquire it. So journey with us in this post as we delve deeper into land surveys and how to obtain one.

What Is A Land Survey?

A land survey is a diagrammatic display of a property. Additionally, it legally maps the property’s boundaries and identifies other vital elements. Land surveys prevent complications that can arise during real estate transactions.

A land survey is a valuable resource for preventing and solving problems. It is a technique for measuring buildings and identifying already-existing characteristics on a property. They also set boundaries as new property lots are drawn.

Additionally, you can use surveys to locate and validate already known land borders. For instance, if you’re considering building a fence, you’ll need to know precisely where your land stops, and your neighbor begins. A property survey can assist you in determining that.

Depending on where you reside, you need a land survey before you purchase a home. Lenders and title companies frequently require a copy of a survey to close on a home, but only sometimes. If the current survey isn’t out-of-date, you can use it rather than ordering a new one.

Reasons to Get a Land Survey

Surveys are required to resolve any issues that may arise between the buyer and seller of a property. Below are other justifications for getting a land survey:

Fixing Boundary Problems

Boundary conflicts frequently arise when there is a controversy over where one person’s property starts and ends. This is a prominent reason for you to do a land survey. It’s crucial since every square meter counts regarding a seller’s ability to profit from a home.

Determining the Plot Size and Cost

Knowing a plot’s size with the help of a land survey can influence how much a property costs. An opportunity comes in if the plot is less than what you list. With this, you create a terrific opportunity to negotiate with willing buyers. It might also greatly benefit those who want to purchase real estate.

Building a New Residence

Conducting a land survey is a fantastic idea if you’re in a position to build your own house. You can use it to locate potential locations for the main structure. You can also use it to decide where to put the drainage system.

Considerations for a Land Survey

You need a land survey to determine the property’s borders and any potential upgrades. This means you want it to include both. Through a land survey, you should be able to determine whether or not the property is in a floodplain. You should also learn about any drawbacks and restrictions that a property has.

The land should also have a written description in the property deed. This results in all properties needing the necessary visual boundary markers.

Ways to Obtain A Land Survey

A common way to get your property boundaries from a legal description is by hiring a land surveyor. In addition, you can employ their services to satisfy requirements for purchasing or improving real estate. But this is not all. Here are other ways to get a land survey:

Investigate the Authorities in Charge

You might not require a new property survey if the property has previously undergone an inspection. State laws can differ, but a poll conducted within the last ten years is usually still legitimate. If there are any previous property surveys, see if they are on file with your local courthouse or tax assessor’s office. If you’re purchasing a new property, your lender or title company can assist you in locating past surveys.

Lenders or title companies may arrange for the performance of a property survey when you buy or sell a home. They then include the cost in closing fees, which leaves you with no choice but to pay. Depending on state regulations, the buyer or seller may be required to pay the charge or negotiate.

Locate a Land Surveyor

Land surveyors also come in handy when obtaining a land survey. You can find your local society and a surveyor by visiting the National Society of Professional Surveyors website. In addition, each state has a professional association for land surveyors. You can also seek referrals from nearby real estate agents, your title firm, or your lender. Regardless of how you locate a surveyor, ensure they are qualified to work on your property. Make sure they are also adequately registered, insured, and licensed.

When asking surveyors for quotes, be as specific as possible about the property and the type of survey you require. It usually takes a few weeks to finish the job after you’ve chosen your surveyor and scheduled the survey. So plan your survey as soon as possible if you need one finished for a house acquisition.

Land surveys are an essential part of acquiring a property. Obtaining them clarifies any errors or ambiguities regarding the borders. It helps you tailor your plans carefully, thereby avoiding costly mistakes. It also frees you from any complications with land measurements, like clashing with your neighbor. All of these are situations that Community Lands will familiarize you with. Conducting surveys also helps resolve issues that could delay the process for a successful sale of a property. In all, you need to determine what is necessary on your land to select the best survey for it.

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