Agustina Bluthgen  /   11/10/2021

What is Living Green?

Many people have heard the phrase “living green,” but what does that mean? For us, living green is more than a saying; it’s a way of life! It means making lifestyle decisions to reduce our negative impact and promote the health of the planet. There are two main components to living a green life: taking care of both your body and the Earth. 

There are a lot of things we can do to join this green way of life, starting with taking care of ourselves. Being aware of what we eat and what we consume every day is the best way to jump into this lifestyle. Every time we do anything, we are making decisions that have a tiny-huge impact on the environment. Living green is everywhere! Are we aware that we have the power of changing our planet, our country, our neighborhood, and our land with a little change in our behavior?

Living green is very beneficial, and it doesn’t cost much! To start living green you only need to make a decision. Once you decide how you want to live, you will change your lifestyle. Then you will become more conscious about the Earth. And you will be saving a lot of money, reusing, recycling, and discovering a new way of life.

Here we leave you some daily tips on how to become greener and have a proper “living green” life at home.

At Home

  1. Shop local. The shorter the food chain, the less waste is created before it reaches your kitchen. Also, you are enhancing your small local markets. Living green starts with the greens!
  2. Eat seasonally. Each season your body needs different nutrients and vitamins. Eating according to the seasons will assure you a balanced and complete nutritional diet.
  3. Separate your trash. A big part of living green includes recycling materials and reusing some of them as well. 
  4. Make compost and reuse this soil in your garden, super-natural fertilizer!
  5. Make your own homemade cleaning products. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials and easy DIY guides with few ingredients, most you already have in your pantry. You’ll not only get rid of a lot of plastic packages but also save a lot of money. Living green also helps your wallet!
  6. Plant your own herbs. Why not all of your vegetables?
  7. Cut packaging. Look for loose fruits and vegetables, and take your containers to shops and markets. If you cannot avoid the use of plastics try to look for PET, which is the most recyclable one. Living green also means consuming less packaging!
  8. Try to use renewable energy. A good idea is to change all your light bulbs into LEDs. Why not try alternative energy sources – like solar panels – at home?

In your wardrobe

  1. Get swishing with clothes swaps – also known as swishing – one of the greenest ways to refresh your wardrobe. Some places offer credits based on the value of the items you bring, which can be swapped for items brought by others. To contribute to living green you can also swap clothes with friends and family. Opting for vintage or secondhand is one of the easiest ways to shop sustainably. 
  2. Work on your skills at home. Make your clothes fit by learning how to sew on a button or shorten your trousers. You can also alter a waistband or repair an old jacket to give it another use. Improving these skills will help you a lot when living a sustainable life.

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