how to make money from raw land

Deshalia Murray  /   01/12/2023

Regarding recreational vacant land, landowners may not know that the lot can give them more than they think. Many activities can be held on the property. While it’s great that some are free, there is no problem with monetizing your … Continue reading How To Make Money From Raw Land: Renaissance Fairs On Recreational Land

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homeowners associations

Amelia Gomes  /   01/11/2023

Homeownership is more than living and figuring out how to coexist with the people around you. It also entails abiding by rules that govern and protect your home’s location. These regulations also extend to your neighbors and the entire community. … Continue reading Homeowners Associations: How You Can Benefit From An HOA

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dog-friendly outdoor activities

Deshalia Murray  /   01/10/2023

Owning new land can be both exciting and very daunting. New landowners have to check every little detail if it means keeping their land as beautiful, practical, and clean as it can be. This might make you wonder, are there … Continue reading Dog-friendly Outdoor Activities: Enjoying Your Land With Your Pets

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vacant land in texas

Teodora Klechkaroska  /   01/09/2023

One of the most powerful strategies to increase wealth is to invest in land. Real estate, especially vacant land, is an investment plan that never goes out of style. Of course, this is because you can’t make any more of … Continue reading Vacant Land In Texas: As Profitable As It Is Beautiful

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land survey

Amelia Gomes  /   01/06/2023

As a landowner, you need a land survey to establish land boundaries and discover the area of land a home can occupy. These areas include any subsurface improvements like a well or septic tank. Additionally, surveys specify any additional limitations … Continue reading What Is A Land Survey And How To Get One

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large property with a stream

Lucy Pearl  /   01/05/2023

There is something inherently calming and natural about having a stream pass by your property. From the sound of flowing water to the opportunity to observe wildlife, there are numerous benefits to settling near a river or floodplain. If you’re … Continue reading Stream Conservation: How To Benefit From Your Property’s Stream

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buying or leasing vacant land

Amelia Gomes  /   01/04/2023

There are a lot of decisions you’ll have to take when acquiring a property. One of the common questions you might have to ask yourself is whether to buy or lease a property. There are several factors to consider when … Continue reading Buying Or Leasing: The Ultimate Guide To Deciding What’s Best For You

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climate zones

Lucy Pearl  /   01/03/2023

 .Your property’s climate zone can significantly impact how you use it. As a homeowner or a business, understanding which climate zones your property is located in can help maximize its potential.  From making informed decisions about the vegetation and crops, … Continue reading How Knowing Your Property’s Climate Zone Can Help You Maximize Its Potential

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vacant land in philadelphia

Aleksandra Jovchevska  /   01/02/2023

Owning vacant land in Philadelphia, the 6th most populous city in the United States, might be the golden chance you have been looking for! Currently, Philly has more than 40,000 vacant lots available. They can now be yours! Lucky for … Continue reading Vacant Land In Philadelphia Waiting For New Investors!

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zoning categories

Amelia Gomes  /   12/30/2022

The way landowners use their property differs from state to state. This is because local regulations preside over properties in a specific geographic location. These laws are what many refer to as “zoning.” While zoning can seem a bit intensive, … Continue reading Exploring Zoning Categories In Depth

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